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      1. Hello, welcome to Ningbo Century Metal Co., Ltd. ( Ningbo Junjiaxuan Metal Technology Co., Ltd. )
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        Founded in 2001, Ningbo Century Metal Co., Ltd(Ningbo Junjiaxuan Metal Technology Co., Ltd.), located in Ningbo, Zhejiang---a port city of east China, is a modern enterprise that combines production and distribution. The company covers an area of 5000sq.m2, and the area used for construction is over 4000 sq.m2..

        With ISO9001:2000 international quality system authentication certifications, the main products we offer are Aluminum Die Casting & Zinc Alloy Die Casting series, Sophisticated Processing Pieces and Wire Screen Conveyer Belts of different specifications. Production of a wide range of product , including parts of pump, kitchen fittings , hardware, motor cars, auto parts, excavator parts. Most of our products are exported to Japan, Europe, and America. In order to better meet customers’ needs, our company is equipped with hot chamber die-casting machines series, cold chamber die-casting machines series, computerized numerical control machining center...

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        Ningbo Century Metal Co., Ltd.(Ningbo Junjiaxuan Metal Technology Co., Ltd.)
        Tel:86 0574 62496941
        Fax:86 0574 62497268
        Add:China 's Yuyao City in Zhejiang Mu Shanzhen Jin Niu West Road No. 65

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